La Lumière is located on the outskirts of the medieval village of Auzon. Time passes slowly here. The small river Auzonette runs through the lush village meadows and brings crystal clear water from the nearby Cévennes. Nearby it flows into the Céze, which together with the Ardèche flows into the Rhône. The limestone plateaus of the Ardèche form an uplifting contrast to the granite rocks of the Cévennes. In the middle of this overwhelmingly diverse nature there`s La Lumière.

The Languedoc is located in the heart of Occitania, a culturally rich region with a long tradition and transnational history that can still be felt here. The Auzonette provides the village and the region with rich soils, which is why agriculture and horse breeding determined the life of the people here for centuries. Today, wine, lavender and vegetables are grown here. There are still horses in the village. Auzon is situated in a valley between the Cévennes and the famous limestone plateaus with the typical Garrique vegetation into which the Ardèche and Chassesac have burrowed deeply over thousands of years. The versatility of the surrounding area offers varied recreational activities with cultural and historical excursions, hikes up to an altitude of 1700 metres, canoe trips and easy to challenging cycling tours on- or off-road.